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Yoga for Children: An antidote to Stress in families


We were all children at a given point in our lives and that is why we all know and understand how active and full of energy children can be. The energy flowing in their veins, if not managed properly, can cause many disturbances to families. 


Many families find it hard to cope with their children’s hyperactivity, which can cause a lot of stress. However, the good news is that yoga practice for children offers the perfect solution to the families that may be affected by this natural phenomenon. 


How is yoga the best solution?


Yoga is meant to keep the body and mind in harmony so that as you practice yoga you become more relaxed and stimulated. Children are taught the techniques of relaxation through controlled breathing exercises that enable them to calm their minds. They can perform simple body postures that strengthen their muscles, giving them a good body balance and posture.

Yoga inculcates in children’s various life skills, which will help them in the future.


As a practice, meditation is one of the best yoga techniques that helps the mind to relax and concentrate. This technique can teach the children to be focused as they go about their activities in life. Body postures can also help the children to develop the spirit of patience and endurance and become more flexible.



Yoga helps children to develop their imagination. 


Imagination is very important for a child; it can bring about creativity, enhancing the child’s ability to learn new concepts. Yoga, therefore, provides an avenue that captures the child’s attention and explores his/her ability to be creative. This will always keep the children busy and engaged.


Yoga practice offers protection against physical injuries for children.


By practicing yoga, children develop stronger muscles and a better balance, which protects them from injuries that may be incurred due to weak muscles, and improper body balance.


Yoga practice shreds off the negativity that may develop in the minds of children due to everyday stress.


When they get to their yoga classes, they leave all the problems at the door and for a moment, they will find peace in yoga practice. They are taught how they can manage their anger by channeling that energy into a more productive and self-fulfilling activity. It is more encouraging and interesting for them to see their peers engage in various yoga poses and techniques. 


How fun can that be for a child?


Yoga for children is also the best antidote for parents attending the yoga sessions. Yoga for children has been improvised with many plays so that parents can go for yoga sessions and at the same time their children get to carry out some of these practices without distracting their parents. Also, children tend to enjoy the cute yoga outfits they get to wear.


Yoga instructors need to embrace the idea of yoga for kids and ensure that they make it as fun as possible in order to capture the attention of the young ones.


In conclusion, it is true that yoga has no limits on age, neither is it based on gender, therefore yoga for children is the best antidote to most families that would want their children to lead a more holistic life.


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