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The Best Free Yoga Apps for Your Daily Workout

If you want to continue exercising without having to spend a fortune on private trainers or gyms, then there are other ways that you can do it. If you love yoga, there are many free apps that you can download on your phone and use them whenever you feel like it. Guidelines and illustrations are also provided in order to help you execute each pose with precision and accuracy. is one of the most popular yoga apps. If you own an iPhone, then you would have to pay in order to download it, but if you own an Android phone then it comes for free. This app has 300 different poses and exercises that some comprehensive videos will help you better understand and execute them. The 3D images of your muscles’ movement are also aesthetically pleasing. For all the experienced yoga enthusiasts, feel free to create your own yoga program, and for all the newbies, there are some already structured programs.

Another free yoga app is Yoga Academy. Available for all iPhones, this app will help you complete your routine anywhere you like. If you can’t afford a yoga class, then this app will help you learn many different poses and even create your own sessions. The most impressive feature is that the app allows you to use the entire ready to use playlists and allows you to create your own.

The last completely free yoga app is Simply Yoga. Every yoga beginner will absolutely love the simplicity of this app. This app contains many different levels so that you evolve through your daily exercise and proceed to more difficult poses and exercises. You can choose among programs that last 20, 40 or even 60 minutes! The first level is totally free, and in order to proceed to the second level, you will need to pay a small amount. If you find out that this is a perfect app for your needs, then you won’t mind paying for the next level at all. Otherwise, you can always uninstall it.

Learning how to do yoga has never been easier and more inexpensive than these amazing apps. The creators have indeed put a lot of effort and ideas in order to create a great yoga experience for all yoga enthusiasts. Unlike many yoga centers, this is a viable alternative for anyone who cannot afford yoga classes. Alternatively, if you don’t know yet if this is the most suitable form of exercise for you, you can start with these apps learn more about yoga.

If your time is limited, there is no reason why you should completely omit exercise from your life. Put it in your daily program one of these apps and try to stay persistent with your routine. If you do it from the comfort of your house, it is more likely to stay focused and not interrupt your program.

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