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Fashion Inspiration: ‘80s and ‘90s Yoga

Fashion loves nostalgia, and yoga fashion is no exception! A safe bet when it comes to any style is that sooner or later, things that are old become new once more. So why not ahead of the game? We’ve compiled some insight into the hottest trends in ‘80s and ‘90s yoga fashion. Read on to get inspired!


While many of us agree that leaving the perms and blowouts behind was a good thing, there are a few things we can learn from yogis from the ‘80s. There’s a reason why leg warmers have never really gone out of style, and lately we’ve been seeing an uptick in yoga brands offering leg warmers as stylish and functional accessories for practice.

Another style to keep your eye on: Unitards and bodysuits. These are swinging back into fashion as well, with many yogis wondering how we left behind a clothing staple so easy to wear! Leave behind the decision fatigue with these one-piece designs—there’s nothing easier or more comfortable (provided you find the right size and material).

And don’t forget those sweat bands and headbands! As long as they’re not so tight that they threaten circulation, these accessories can actually be quite useful as well as stylish. No one needs sweat dripping into their eyes during a long Bikram practice, and these are the perfect solution.


‘90s style has been coming back in full force lately—chokers, flannel shirts, and overalls have been gracing the pages of Vogue and Elle in addition to the streets. Ride the wave of 90’s nostalgia with these throwback apparel pieces.

“My Calvins”: Calvin Klein sports bras have become all the rage again, and they actually work quite well for exercise as well as looking good. Feeling the need to add some extra color to your practice as well as a DIY aesthetic? Dust off those old tie-dying kits or find a ready-made set online. Tie-dye is as ‘90s as you can get, and there’s no reason to restrict this fun activity to old T-shirts.

Finally, remember those cute double braids you used to wear in high school? They’re coming back in style too! Braids are actually a great workout hair style—they keep hair away from your face and do less damage than most buns and ponytails. And most importantly, they look great.

Fashion is ever-changing, and it’s easy for those of us who don’t have the time to keep up on every new trend to feel lost and out of the loop. But there’s one rule of fashion that never changes—what was popular 20, 30, 40 and even 50 years ago is bound to re-emerge at some point. So, stay ahead of the game and embody these throwback yoga styles the next time you want to show off at the studio.


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