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Standing Split Pose

The standing split pose focuses on stretching your body especially the hamstrings. It also imparts various benefits to your body. If you regularly practice it with sincerity, then you can master the pose in just a time span of a few days. How to Perform the Pose Step 1 – Perform the virabhadrasana II with […]

Dancers Pose Tutorial for Beginners

Dancer’s Pose, called ‘Natarajasana’ in Sanskrit, is a powerful and graceful backbend pose can be intim

Scorpion Pose

The Anatomy Of Arm Support Poses

Arm support poses are normally challeng

How Do Yoga And Fashion Exist Simultaneously?

There is a stereotype of traditional yogis that portrays them as more concerned with spiritual disciplines and practice

Fashion Inspiration: ‘80s and ‘90s Yoga

Fashion loves nostalgia, and yoga fashion is no exception! A safe bet when it comes to any style is that sooner or later, things that are old become new once more. So why not ahead of the game? We’ve compiled some insight into the hottest trends i

5 Most Basic Yoga Styles

This quick rundown of the 5 most basic and well-known yoga styles can help famil